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Lottery Alliance™ Pool Rules for Group Play with WeLotto.Club

Last Update: 12/10/2017

MEMBERS MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER to participate as a Player

You MUST BE 18 years of age or older to join a TEAM and Play in the WeLotto Club. Players must reside in a government-sanctioned lottery jurisdiction. Currenly, players must reside in the State of Texas.

Please Read Carefully: A contribution to join a TEAM in Group Play with the WeLotto Club will be Verification that you have READ and AGREE with the GROUP RULES, Terms, Policies and Procedures, as well as the Prize Distribution Schedule. Update Notifications will be dated and posted for all Member Players on the WeLotto Club TEAM Site at http://welotto.club.  It is the responsibility of Member Players to review the site for updates and changes in RULES, Policies and Procedures as well as the Prize Distribution Schedule. A monthly newsletter will be sent to active members during the first week of each Play Period to announce any updates and to list prize winnings for the Top TEAMS.

The Pool:  Player Affiliates agree to abide by the following pool rules. If you ever have questions, send your inquiry to support@lotteryalliance.com for a reply or call us toll-free at 866-WELOTTO. (866-935-6886)

Contributions: A Monthly Subscription of $50 (USD) is required to participate on a WeLotto Club TEAM. The Member Contribution must be made for each monthly Play Period in order for a Member Player or Member Group to maintain “Active” status and to maintain their eligibility to share any prize money won by their TEAM. The monthly contribution also allows the Player to maintain placement position on a particular TEAM. A secure TEAM placement is guaranteed only when a player makes their monthly contribution five (5) days prior to the start of the following month’s Play Period. Automatic withdrawals will be made on the 25th of each month from a Player’s designated account for the contribution to their TEAM’s Play Period in the next month.

A Play Period begins with the First Draw Date of Each Month and continues until the last drawing of that month. Since some months have up to nine (9) draws within a 30-to-31 day period, the WeLotto CLUB will purchase chances for nine (9) consecutive draws each Play Period so the TEAM always has chances in every drawing. During a month with only 8 Draws, the final and ninth (9th) draw may overlap with the first draw of the next Play Period. An overlap will result in a TEAM having twice the number of chances to win on the First Draw of certain Play Periods.
Both sets of chances will display on the TEAM Page with ticket images and number selections.

The Games: Members of the WeLotto Club will participate in the two most popular BIG-Jackpot games in North America: Powerball (PB) and Mega Millions (MM) at a cost of $2 per chance. During each Play Period, the CLUB will buy 9 Powerball chances ($18) and 9 Mega Millions chances ($18) for each Player on the TEAM. Both Powerball (PB) and Mega Millions (MM) draw twice each week, so a 16-Member TEAM will play 16 PB chances every Wednesday and Saturday for nine (9) consecutive drawings. Likewise, the TEAM will play 16 MM chances for nine (9) consecutive draws every Tuesday and Friday during the Play Period. WeLotto Club will purchase random number selections for chances using the lottery’s “Easy Pick” or “Quick Pick” feature. All chances will be purchased from Authorized Lottery Retailers using the “Advanced Play” option, whereby tickets utilize the same number combinations for each of the 9-Consecutive Drawings.

Participation: Players’ participation in the WeLotto Club is voluntary with no obligations, other than a monthly contribution to their TEAM and the Software Development Fund. Membership on a TEAM assures Every Member owns an interest in 288 lotto chances in each Play Period. Playing alone with the same $50 amount, a person could buy only 25 chances at $2.00 per lotto chance.

For instance, with $50 a player could buy 13 PB chances ($26) and 12 MM chances ($24).

Software Development Fund: The WeLotto Club is a TEAM Effort with a two-fold purpose. First, the Club groups lotto enthusiasts into TEAMs to increase every player’s number of chances to win a share of a multi-million-dollar jackpot. Secondly, Club Members help the Lottery Alliance fund the site’s growing operational expenses and build capital to fund development of its custom TEAM Management Software (TMS), which will further enhance players’ chances to win.

A WIN-WIN Arrangement: The Lottery Alliance® can help create millionaires by using the power of technology for efficiency and geometric progression of numbers to provide players with more chances to win with a group of like-minded individuals. Initially, the CLUB will be limited to 200 TEAMs during software development and beta testing. These 3,200 Players will become Founding Members with special perks and benefits AFTER LAUNCH of the TMS. As early adopters, Founding Members will be placed on one of 32 Player Groups who will share $100 worth of lotto chances every month at no additional cost. Founding Members will share these additional chances for as long as they remain Players with Active Chances in each Play Period.

Prize Distribution: Prize Distribution is simple and straightforward with each of the 16 Players on a TEAM owning a six percent (6%) share of all amounts won during a Play Period. The 16 Primary Members of a TEAM equally share ninety-six (96%) of prize amounts (16 Members x 6% = 96%).

The remaining 4% balance of a jackpot prize is distributed equally to the 16 Senior Team Leaders who are directly connected to each Primary TEAM Member. A Senior TEAM Leader (Sponsor) is the Active Player who introduces a TEAM Member to the WeLotto Club. Sponsors own one quarter of one percent (0.25 %) in any jackpot prize won by a TEAM Member whom they personally introduced to the WeLotto Club.

For any TEAM Member or Sponsor to share any jackpot, they must be ACTIVE with chances in play with a WeLotto Club TEAM at the time of the jackpot win to which they claim an ownership share.

The graphic to the right provides an illustration indicating how the jackpot will be divided among TEAM Members and each of their Sponsors (S1-to-S16).

Most of a jackpot win goes to 16 Primary TEAM Members, who each own six percent (6%) of cash distributions.

ACTIVE TEAM Sponsors, Members who refer a Winning Player to the CLUB, equally share the remaining four percent (4%) of a jackpot distribution. Sponsors get a quarter of a percent (0.25%) share for each winning Member they refer. So, a Sponsor who refers two Members on the same winning TEAM would get one-half of a percent share (2 x 0.25). If a Sponsor referred four (4) of the Players on the same winning TEAM, that Sponsor would be entitled to a full one percent share of the jackpot (4 Players x 0.25% per Player = 1 percent).

Sponsors: TEAM Leaders who recruit New Players into the WeLotto Club are rewarded with the opportunity to share a small portion of a recruit’s jackpot win. For every New Player a Member refers, that Player/Sponsor increases his/her chance to share a quarter of a percent (0.25%) in any and every jackpot won by a TEAM Member whom they refer to the WeLotto CLUB.

There is no limit to the number of Players a TEAM Sponsor can refer. Since each new TEAM has a total of 288 chances during a monthly Play Period, a Player/Sponsor can increase their chances to win a share of a jackpot with no additional out-of-pocket expense. A Sponsor can have one or more Players on one TEAM or Multiple TEAMs to increase their chances to share in a jackpot. Players are NOT Required to Sponsor other members at any time.

To share any jackpot win, a Sponsor or Player must be an ACTIVE TEAM Member with chances in play whenever a jackpot is won. It is also important to note that links between a Sponsor and ALL Players that he/she refers to the CLUB will be maintained when Players move into the new TEAM Management Software (TMS). Ownership shares of a jackpot will not be lost in the TMS.

TEAM Placement: New Members are added to a 16-Member TEAM in the first available, open position, at the time of the Player’s initial enrollment. When a Player is added to a TEAM, the Member will remain on that TEAM until the custom TEAM Management Software (TMS) is completed, tested and launched. TEAM Placement with the TMS will be structured and tested during a beta trial and prior to public launch.

Until the TMS is developed and tested, each 16-Member TEAM will be static and Members will remain on the same TEAMS upon which they are placed during their initial enrollment. Special requests for placement on a particular TEAM can be made. However, the Lottery Alliance and WeLotto Club can make no promises or claim that a Member can or will be placed on a specific, requested TEAM. The CLUB will make a best-effort attempt to honor placement requests if and when positions become available on a particular TEAM.

When or IF a position becomes available on a TEAM, requests will be reviewed and filled in the order a TEAM request was made. The request must be in the form of an email and requires that the Player receives an acknowledgment of the request from the Lottery Alliance or WeLotto Club. To make a TEAM Request, send an email to support@lotteryalliance.com and in the subject line put “TEAM Request.” The emails will be dated and time-stamped and requests will be fulfilled, when possible, in the order in which they were received by the CLUB.

If there have been no requests for placement on a specific TEAM whenever a position opens or when a new TEAM is formed, the TEAM position(s) will be filled by new WeLotto Club members in the chronological order in which they join the CLUB.

Prize Distribution: The goal of the Lottery Alliance and WeLotto Club is to help create millionaires by leveraging the power of numbers with Group Play. By joining with other like-minded Players, Members increase their chances to win a jackpot without increasing their cost to play lotto. Winning a Jackpot is the primary goal for lotto players, and the Club will make cash distributions only at certain prize amounts. Smaller cash prizes during a Play Period will be used solely for increasing a TEAM’s chances of Winning a Jackpot with the purchase of Bonus Plays, which are the lotto chances purchased with the smaller amounts won by a TEAM during a Play Period. Bonus Chances are purchased for play during the first week of the following Month’s Play Period.

Below, is the current Prize Distributions for both Mega Millions and Powerball. (10/10/17)

Cash Distributions to a TEAM’s 16 Members will only be made when those Players’ monthly prize winnings total more than $1,600, after taxes, during any one Play Period. In other words, if the CLUB cannot cut a check for, at least, $100 or more to each of the 16 Primary TEAM Members, then 100 percent of those prize winnings will be used to purchase additional chances for the TEAM in the following Play Period. With the current Prize Tables for both Mega Millions and Powerball, a Prize Distribution to a TEAM will not occur at the end of a monthly Play Period, unless the TEAM matches four (4) balls and either a Mega Ball or Power Ball with any of their number combinations. A cash distribution could also be triggered by multiple winning combinations during the month that total more than $1,600 in after tax winnings for the TEAM. This total will include the sum of prize winnings from both lotto games played by the TEAM. For instance, four $500 prizes ($2,000) in Mega Millions and $200 with Powerball can generate a distribution if the total amount is $1,600 or more, after taxes.

Sponsors share Distributions of one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of winning TEAM Members’ prize money won during a Play Period ONLY when a TEAM wins a million dollars or more during any one month. Let’s look at the following example to clarify a Million Dollar Prize Distribution.

First, the government will take its taxes before any prize distribution can be made to a lotto prize winner or TEAM. We will use a 30% rate in this example to include a 25% rate for the Federal Tax and another 5% for any state tax withdrawn.

State taxes will vary, depending upon the state residence of the winning Member. Click the link below to see the amount of taxes to be withheld in your state.


In Powerball and Mega Millions lotto games, the average jackpot prize exceeds $80 Million. Mega Millions jackpots start at $40 million and increase $5 million per drawing each time the jackpot rolls. Powerball's current minimum advertised jackpot is also at $40 million. Let’s take a look, below, at how a $40 million jackpot would pay out to TEAM Members and their Sponsors.

Since no lottery jurisdiction will make on-going annuity payments of a prize to multiple winners, TEAMs take the cash option and the total PRESENT VALUE of the prize winnings to divide amongst themselves. After the Present Value is computed (approximately: 60% of advertised jackpot), funds are withheld for Federal taxes and for State taxes, in some jurisdictions. Then, the prize balance is distributed based on the schedule stated in the RULES of the WeLotto Club. The following illustrates a TEAM Distribution based on an advertised $40 Million jackpot prize won by a 16-Member WeLotto Club TEAM and its 16 Sponsors.

The Federal government will always take its taxes before any prize distribution can be made to a lotto prize winner or TEAM. We will use a 30% rate in this example to include a 25% rate for the Federal Tax and another 5% for any state tax withdrawn.

With the Cash Option in lieu of the annuitized amount, this example shows a TEAM member will get $1,008,000 after taxes and each Sponsor will get $42,000 in after-tax winnings for each Player they referred who is on the Winning TEAM.

Since the AVERAGE Jackpot for both a Powerball or a Mega Millions prize EXCEEDS $80 Million at the time it is won, let’s take a look, below, at the TEAM Distribution of an $80 Million prize.

Once again, the Federal government takes its taxes before a distribution can be made to a prize winner or TEAM. Again, we use a 30% rate in this example to include a 25% rate for the Federal Tax and another 5% for any state tax that may be withdrawn.

Again, utilizing the Cash Option in lieu of the annuitized amount, this example shows that each TEAM member will get $2,016,000 after taxes are paid and each Sponsor will get $84,000 after-tax for each Player they referred to the Winning TEAM.

NOTE: The prize distribution amounts listed above are approximations and the final amounts will vary based on the resident State taxes (if any) of a TEAM Member. Prize amounts can also vary based on the actual number of winning tickets throughout the many states in which Powerball and Mega Millions lotto games are played. The distributions shown above assume that the WeLotto Club Winning TEAM holds the one and only winning number combination and will not have to share the Jackpot Prize with any other winning ticket holder. Jackpots with more than one winning ticket is divided equally among the winning ticket holders. For instance, a $150 Million Jackpot with three winning ticket holders will be divided into three portions of $50 Million for each of the winning tickets

Fund A Dream: Lotto Players DREAM of winning the lottery, however, Lottery Alliance Founder, Kevin Venner, dreams of creating millionaires by helping people generate life-changing income. That income may come in the form of YOU and Your TEAM hitting a winning jackpot or, perhaps, by your ever-growing TEAM of Referral Players that will provide you with a financial interest in many chances beyond just those you play with your immediate TEAM of Players. Bottom Line, the Lottery Alliance can provide you with a simple and systematic way to increase your chances to win more prize money every month. So, don’t just play to win…PLAN to Win!

TEAM Player: Enroll as an TEAM Player for $50, whereby you play as an individual who has a specific placement on a TEAM of 16 Members. As an individual TEAM Player, you will make monthly contributions to your specific pool via one or more approved fund transfer methods offered by the WeLotto Club. An individual TEAM Player will have full access to the Member’s Area, where a TEAM Player will be able to view their TEAM’s Monthly Prize Winnings and images of all the TEAM’s active Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. TEAM Players will have private access to the TEAM Forum, where they will be able to communicate with the Pool Manager, Players and TEAM Captains.

TEAM Group: Enroll as a TEAM Group for $50, in which Two-to-Five Players are allowed to form a Players’ Group that, like an Individual Player, has ONE Position on a TEAM of 16 Members. As a TEAM Group, one member will act as Captain and will be responsible for making the monthly TEAM Pool contribution via one or more approved fund transfer methods offered by the WeLotto Club. A TEAM Group will have full access to the Member’s Area, where EACH Member of the TEAM Group will be able to view their TEAM’s Prize Winnings and images of all active Powerball and Mega Millions tickets shared by their TEAM. A TEAM Group will have private access to the TEAM Forum, where they will be able to interact with their TEAM Captain, Pool Manager and other Members of their TEAM. A TEAM Group cannot have more than five participants. TEAM Group Members acknowledge and agree that the six (6) percent share the Group owns of any prize will be divided equally by the number of Members in the Group.

Note: An individual can participate as a TEAM Player and with other players in a TEAM Group. However, a Player who participates as both a TEAM Player and TEAM Group Player, must use a separate and distinct email for both. This is because the WeLotto Club enrollment system uses Unique Email Addresses to identify and distinguish one Player Account from another and for use as a login mechanism for different accounts. So, if you are a Member of a TEAM Group, and ALSO play separately as an Individual Player, you will need to use two different and unique email addresses that you personally own. An Individual Player Member who organizes a TEAM Group or joins a Group may have an Individual Position and Group Position on the same TEAM, but this is not a requirement. A Player’s Individual Position may be a spot on a different TEAM than one of the 16 positions occupied by the Player’s TEAM Group. Positions on a TEAM, as mentioned earlier, are determined chronologically by availability (filled as Players enroll) and can sometimes be handled by a special request from a Player when TEAM positions become available.

Referrals: Players have no obligation to make referrals or build a TEAM and every Player who joins gets the same value for their playing dollars – $576 worth of chances every month for $50. That provides each TEAM Player with 144 Powerball chances and 144 Mega Millions chances during each monthly Play Period.

When an Active Player does refer a potential member to the WeLotto Club, the Player Member will be linked to that prospective member for six (6) months. If the prospect joins within six months of Initial Contact, the Referring Member will be entitled to an ongoing 0.25 percent of prize winnings that total $1 Million or more in any month for that new Player Member.

TEAMs in the TEAM Management Software (TMS) will be based on current Active Players, new referrals, as well as organic, word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Referrals of Players in the WeLotto Club will remain linked in the transition from the current static TEAM structure to a more dynamic TEAM growth structure within the new custom TMS, so no interest in TEAM shares will be lost and all Sponsors will maintain an interest in jackpots won by Active Members whom they referred to the WeLotto Club.

A complete description of the Prize Distribution Schedule can be found at the following link: Lotto Prize Distribution Schedule.

NumeroLogic Systems LLC

420 Throckmorton St.

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Refunds: A player may request a full refund on any contribution made up until the 25th of the month in which the contribution is made. Refunds will be made on all contributions made during the month preceding the Active Play Period for which tickets are to be purchased. Lottery jurisdictions do not provide refunds on the purchase of lotto tickets, nor can the Lottery Alliance. Once tickets are purchased with any contribution made to group play, the member will remain "in play" during the entire Play Period for which the tickets are purchased. The company, at its discretion, can pro-rate a partial refund for a player under extenuating circumstances. Requests for refunds should be made to support@lotteryalliance.com prior to the 25th of the month in which the pool contribution is made.

Ticket Cancellations Prohibited: Lottery jurisdictions clearly state that once a ticket is purchased, that ticket may not be voided or cancelled by returning the ticket to the Authorized Retail Agent or to the Lottery, including tickets that are printed in error. No Play that is eligible for a prize can be returned to the Lottery for credit. Plays accepted by retailers as returned Plays and which cannot be re-sold shall be deemed owned by the bearer thereof.

Membership Cancellations: A Player can cancel their Membership at any time by sending their request via email to cancel@lotteryalliance.com. The Lottery Alliance will acknowledge receipt of the email. Cancellations Must Be Made by the 21st of the month in order to stop the current draft of the Membership Fee, which is normally drafted on or about the 25th of each month.

Late Contributions: Money received after the designated deadline may still be included in the pool at the discretion of the WeLotto Club. However, a late contribution may also result in a Member losing their position on a particular TEAM. Members sending a late contribution will receive a confirmation email if they are included in the current Play Period, the TEAM Number onto which they are placed, or notification if they must wait until the following Play Period.

Timely contributions will assure Player Members maintain their position on a specific TEAM.

Play Periods: Each TEAM’s lotto pool will run for, at least, Four (4) Consecutive Weeks, and ticket purchases will utilize the "Multi-Draw" or "Advance Draw" feature of the respective lottery jurisdictions. The “Multi-Draw” feature plays the same number combinations for consecutive, multiple drawings. Since most months during the year have NINE (9) draw dates for both Powerball and Mega Millions in a one-month period, the WeLotto Club will purchase number combinations for both Mega Millions and Powerball that will play for nine (9) consecutive draws. This will provide 144 Mega Millions chances and 144 Powerball chances that will play during the nine (9) consecutive drawings in each Play Period (16 chances/draw x 9 draws = 144 chances). With both Powerball and Mega Millions, a TEAM shares a minimum of 288 chances every Play Period.

The Games: Lotto games draw on various days of each week. The primary games in which the Lottery Alliance will participate include: Powerball with drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays and Mega Millions with drawings on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The cost and approximate odds for winning a jackpot for the games we play:

Powerball: $2/chance Odds of Winning: 1 in 292,201,338

Mega Millions: $2/chance       Odds of Winning: 1 in 302,575,350


Bonus Draws: In most Play Periods, TEAMs win some amount of prize money. The cumulative monthly winning tickets will be redeemed prior to the beginning of the subsequent Play Period unless the amount triggers a taxable event of $600 or more in one month. If the monthly prize for a TEAM totals less than $600 after-tax winnings in cash, additional chances will be purchased for the respective winning TEAM in the subsequent Play Period. The Bonus Draws resulting from prize money won during the month maintains the same Prize Distribution Schedule of tickets bought for the pool members in the regular Play Period. Contributing pool members will always maintain the same percentage ownership share of any prize awarded during a Bonus Draw that the player shares during a regular Play Period. Unless noted otherwise, TEAM contributors will hold equal shares in the pool as outlined in the Prize Distribution Schedule for Primary Members. Ticket images and TEAM number combinations will always be available on the Players’ TEAM SITE prior to any lotto drawings for which those tickets are active.

Bonus Draw Pool: The Bonus Draw for a Play Period may, or may not, utilize lotto chances in the lottery game from which the prize money was won. The Team Manager may opt to use the prize winnings to purchase chances in another lotto game that has a greater jackpot prize potential for the TEAM’s Bonus Draw. Members always maintain the same percentage ownership in a Bonus Draw that they owned during the regular Play Period regardless of the lotto game played by the TEAM. Prize money for a Bonus Draw can also be split to purchase both Mega Millions tickets and Powerball tickets. The Bonus Draw can take place over one draw date or multiple draw dates, depending on the size of cash prize from the previous month’s prize winnings.

Pool Size: All players will be included in ONE Primary Pool of 16 TEAM Members in which they share a SIX Percent (6%) interest of the TEAM's overall prize winnings. A TEAM Member cannot join additional teams at this time, however, any player can increase their chances to win by referring other players who join other WeLotto TEAMs in the Lottery Alliance. A Player Sponsor, that is, an Active Player Member who refers another Player who joins a WeLotto Club TEAM, will own a 0.25% interest in that referred member’s winning TEAM’s jackpot prize.

Tickets: Chances purchased will be scanned and posted online for viewing prior to each drawing.

Shares: Members’ ownership shares in a pool are available online to view, along with the respective prize distribution for potential and realized lottery prize winnings. See your respective TEAM Page on the WeLotto Club TEAM site.

Jackpot Distribution: For winnings of $1,000,000 or more, a Trust Attorney will be utilized to collect the prize winnings and to make the appropriate distribution to TEAM Members. By using a trust account to collect lottery winnings, Players will have the option to remain anonymous in most State Lottery Jurisdictions. No top jackpot prize will be claimed by a pool until a majority of TEAM members meet and consult with legal and financial counselors qualified to advise the Members on financial planning and tax laws regarding their Lotto Jackpot. Prize winnings will be collected in a lump sum cash value amount by a legal Group Trust that will be created prior to collection of the funds. The Authorized Trust Manager must be approved by a majority of the TEAM Members (at least 9 of the 16 Members). The Trust Manager will make the distribution to TEAM Members after the TRUST receives the prize money from the Lottery Jurisdiction and according to the Prize Distribution Schedule set by the WeLotto Club.

Publicity: The Lottery Alliance reserves the right to publicize all Prize Winnings of its Group Play. However, The Lottery Alliance will respect the privacy of those members who wish to remain anonymous. Depending on jurisdictions, the lottery may require winners' names to be disclosed to authorities, so the Lottery Alliance will adhere to lottery statutes and maintain members' privacy whenever possible to do so.

Additional Contributions: Additional contributions are not allowed at this time.

Communication to Members and prospects will be through email, newsletters and online via the TEAM Website found at www.WeLotto.Club.

Direct your questions and comments to support@lotteryalliance.com

As Manager for The Lottery Alliance and the WeLotto Club TEAM pools, I promise to maintain integrity with the fiduciary responsibilities pertaining to Member Contributions while securely maintaining the TEAM Tickets for all Members.


Kevin M Venner, Founder, COO













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