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Each TEAM Page will include Ticket Images and Active Numbers for the Play Period, along with updates on the TEAM's prize winnings following each scheduled draw and Bonus Drawings from prizes won by the TEAM (see charts below).


Bonus Chances

from October's

Prize Winnings

Each TEAM consists of 16 Members who share a total of 288 chances consisting of 144 Mega Millions and 144 Powerball chances in each of nine (9) consecutive Mega Millions and nine (9) Powerball drawings during a Monthly Play Period.

The same Number Combinations are played in 9 Consecutive Draws during a Play Period for both the Mega Millions and Powerball.  Since some months will only have 8 drawings in either Powerball or Mega Millions, the ninth draw may sometimes coincide with the first draw of the following Play Period. This will double a TEAM's chances on that initial drawing of the subsequent Play Period.

Our TEAM Won $44  during the first half of October, so with the Mega Millions jackpot hitting a RECORD HIGH, I purchased twenty-two (22) additional chances for the Tuesday, October 16th draw for $667 Million.

We did not win the BIG Jackpot, but we did win another $64, which is represented by the Bonus chances shown here for both 16 Powerball and 16 Mega Millions numbers.

On average the TEAM has been winning $50 to $60 each month which adds to the TEAMs overall number of chances to win every PLAY Period... PLAN to Win!

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