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Lottery Alliance™ Pool Rules for Group Play with WeLotto.Club

Last Update: 9/5/16

Members MUST BE 21 years of age or older to participate as a group player. ALL members must reside in a government-sanctioned lottery jurisdiction in order to play with a TEAM. Residents of U.S. States that authorize no lottery cannot participate in Group Play with the Lottery Alliance in the WeLotto Club. Residents of the following states are restricted from group play: Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah. A person can participate as long as they reside in an authorized lottery jurisdiction and their lottery jurisdictions do not restrict lotto play in jurisdictions other than where the player resides.


Read Carefully: Making a contribution to participate in Group Play with a WeLotto Club TEAM will be verification that you have READ and AGREE with these GROUP RULES, Policies and Procedures, as well as the Prize Distribution Schedule. Update Notifications will be dated and posted for all Member Players on the WeLotto Club TEAM Site at http://welotto.club.  It is the responsibility of all Member Players to review the Pool Rules page periodically for updates and any potential changes.


The Pool: Player Affiliates agree to abide by the following pool rules. If you have questions before you join any lotto pool, send your inquiry to support@lotteryalliance.com for a prompt reply within 24 hours.


Contributions: There is a Minimum Contribution of $50 (USD) for any player to participate on a TEAM of the WeLotto Club. This is also the Maximum Contribution required during a Play Period in order for a Member Player to maintain “Active” status and to “HOLD” their placement position on a WeLotto Club TEAM. A Play Period begins on the First Draw Date of Each Month and Continues for 4-Consecutive Weeks. Tickets are purchased for the pool dollar-for-dollar. There are no surcharges to contribute to a pool. Ticket purchases may vary upon the lotto games played during a Play Period. All lottery tickets are purchased from authorized retailers in the corresponding jurisdiction in which the group participates.


Lottery Alliance Player Groups participate in three of the most popular North American lotto games: Powerball at $2/chance, Mega Millions at $1/chance and the Canadian Lotto Max at $5 for 3 chances.


Participation: Players can participate in the Lottery Alliance Group with only Two Options to Play:


Option 1: Enroll as an Independent Player Affiliate (IPA). As an IPA, a player can make contributions to the pool via Credit Card or an online Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), aka automatic check withdrawal, made from a personal or business checking account. An IPA has access to a personalized website to help build their team and can earn referral affiliate commissions and override bonuses from the affiliate subscription sales of players personally referred to the Lottery Alliance Team Management Software.


An IPA has the ability to build a team, earn referral commissions and share winnings with their TEAM. There are no obligations to make referrals or build a team and every player who joins gets the same value for their playing dollars – that is – $240   worth of chances each month for $50.


To enroll as an Independent Player Affiliate, use the Referral Code provided to you by an affiliate player or contact the IPA who referred you to this site. If you have no specific person who referred you to the Lottery Alliance, you will be assigned to a TEAM Manager and placed on a 12-Player TEAM with which you can participate in the Group Play.


The subscription rate for the TEAM Management software is $50 per month and provides the player with the ability to build and track team members with the custom, TEAM Management Software (TMS). Of the $50 monthly subscription, $20 will be the ticket contribution for your TEAM's monthly Play Period. The remaining $30 is the monthly cost of the software. Of the $30, 50 percent ($15) is paid back to IPAs and Affiliates who enroll subscribers into the Team Management Software (TMS). An Independent Affiliate or Independent Player Affiliate earns a commission of 33.33 percent ($10) monthly recurring commission for paid referrals. Another $5 is paid to Affiliates and IPA’s each month for management overrides on subscriptions sold by their own personal referrals in this simple 2 -Tier Affiliate System.


A complete description of the Compensation Plan, along with the Prize Distribution Schedule can be found at the following links: Lotto Prize Distribution Schedule; Affiliate Compensation.


Option 2: As a "Pooler" only, a player can mail $20 in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order made Payable to NumeroLogic Software. Mail your pool contribution to:


NumeroLogic Software LLC

P.O. Box 643902

Vero Beach, FL 32964


You MUST INCLUDE your NAME, ADDRESS and a PHONE NUMBER with which the company can contact you. Also, please include an email address or OPT-In to the Lottery Alliance Jackpot Alerts on the Member Page of http://LotteryAlliance.com. With no contact information, no contribution will be made to any TEAM on your behalf and the Cashier's Check or Money Order will be returned to you.


Poolers' checks MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE 20th of each month. On or about Day 20 of each month, the Pooler's checks are processed. Once the funds are received from processing each of the Pooler's checks, the POOLER will be added to a 12-Member TEAM and the $20 will be used to make their contribution to the TEAM's Play Period beginning on the First Drawing of the following month. Checks must be received from Pooler's by the 20th day of each month and successfully processed with The Lottery Alliance obtaining the bank payment confirmation for the Pooler's Contribution by day 28 of the same month.


Ticket purchases are made on behalf of all players are dollar-for-dollar, which means the $20 contribution will purchase $20 of chances in the Play Period for which the player is eligible. There are no surcharges.


Refunds: A player may request a full refund on any contribution made up until the 27th of the month in which the contribution is made. Refunds will be made on all contributions made during the month preceding the Active Play Period for which tickets are to be purchased. Lottery jurisdictions do not provide refunds on the purchase of lotto tickets, nor can the Lottery Alliance. Once tickets are purchased with any contribution made to group play, the member will remain "in play" during the 4-week Play Period for which the tickets are purchased. The company, at its discretion, can pro-rate a partial refund for a player under extenuating circumstances. Requests for refunds should be made to support@lotteryalliance.com prior to the 27th of the month in which the pool contribution is made.


Lotteries Played: Most often, the pool contributions will be divided equally among the lotto games played by the group. From time-to-time a designated Team Captain will opt to purchase more tickets in a game which has a larger jackpot or that has overall better odds to win. Most often, the TEAM's funds will be divided between Mega Millions, Powerball and the Canadian Lotto Max.


Late Contributions: Money received after the designated deadline may still be included in the pool at the discretion of the Team Captain. Members sending a late contribution will receive a confirmation email if they are included in the current Play Period or notification if they must wait until the following Play Period.

Play Periods: Each lotto pool, unless specified otherwise, will run for Four (4) Consecutive Weeks, and ticket purchases utilize the "multi-draw" or "advance draw" features of the respective lottery jurisdictions. The “multi-draw” feature plays the same number combinations for multiple drawings during a Play Period.


Subscribers to the Team Management Software can opt to join the current month's Play Period or wait until a new Play Period begins in the following month. Poolers, who mail their contributions, will always begin their Play Period in the month following their contribution, unless they specifically request to be placed on a TEAM in the current, active Play Period. The postmark will set the date of receipt.


The Games: Lotto games draw on various days of each week. The primary games in which the Lottery Alliance will participate include: Powerball with drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays; Mega Millions with drawings on Tuesdays and Fridays and Lotto Max once each week on Fridays.


The cost and approximate odds for winning a jackpot for the games we play:


Powerball: $2/chance               Odds: 175 Million:1

Mega Millions: $1/chance         Odds: 175 Million:1

  Lotto Max: $5 for 3 chances     Odds: 30 Million:1


Bonus Draws: During most months, there are winning tickets held by a TEAM. During most Play Periods, there are one or two additional drawings before the end of each month. The cumulative monthly winning tickets will be redeemed for their prize money. If the monthly prize amounts total less than $300 in cash, additional chances will be purchased for the respective winning TEAMs. The Bonus Draws resulting from prize money won during the month maintains the same Prize Distribution Schedule of tickets bought for the pool members in the regular Play Period. If the average prize winnings for individual members within the group total more than $20 during any one Play Period, the members' e-Wallets will be credited with the amounts over $20. "Poolers" with winnings of more than $20 during a Play Period will receive a check for winnings over the $20 used to purchase additional chances in their TEAM’s Bonus Drawings.


Contributing pool members will always maintain the same ownership share of any prize awarded during a Bonus Draw that the player shares during a regular Play Period. Unless noted otherwise, all contributors will hold the same equal shares in the pool as outlined in the Prize Distribution Schedule for Primary Members. Ticket images and TEAM number combinations will always be available on the TEAM SITE prior to any lotto drawings for which those tickets are active.


Bonus Draw Pool: The Bonus Draw for a particular Play Period may, or may not, purchase chances in the lottery game originally played by the group. If the lottery jackpot for which the pool formed is won and drops below $25 million, the Team Manager may opt to use the prize winnings to purchase chances in another lottery game with a jackpot of $25 million or more for the team's Bonus Draw. Members always maintain the same ownership share in a Bonus Draw that they owned during the regular Play Period regardless of the lotto game played by the TEAM.


Distribution: Prize Distribution to players will be on the Official Prize Distribution outlined in the PDF provided on the TEAM site. In brief, the 12 Primary TEAM Members equally share 84% of prize money with each getting 7%. The remaining 16% balance of the prize is distributed equally to the 24 Senior Team Leaders who are directly or indirectly connected to each Primary TEAM Member. Total individual prize winnings of $20 or less during a Play Period will be used to buy additional chances for the TEAM's existing members. All members maintain their same pro rata share in chances purchased with prize winnings as the shares owned during the regular 4-Week Play Period.


NOTE: For winnings during a Play Period that total more than $20, the e-Wallets for IPAs will be credited with the prize amount over the $20 used to purchase Bonus Draw Chances. Poolers, who have no Back Office, nor e-Wallet access, will receive their prize winnings via check. Any player can request a check settlement at the end of each Play Period by sending an email to support@lotteryalliance.com.


Pool Size: All players will be included in ONE Primary Pool of 12 TEAM Members in which they share a SEVEN Percent (7%) interest of the TEAM's prize winnings. An Independent Player Affiliate cannot join additional teams at this time, however, an IPA can increase their chances to win by enrolling other players who join other TEAMs in the Group Play System of the Lottery Alliance.


Tickets: Chances purchased will be scanned and posted online for viewing prior to each draw.


Shares: Members’ ownership shares in a pool are available online to view, along with the respective prize distribution for potential and realized lottery prize winnings. See your respective TEAM Page on the TEAM site.


Jackpot Distribution: For winnings of $250,000 or more, a Trust Attorney will be utilized to collect the prize winnings and to make the appropriate distribution to TEAM Members. By using a trust account to collect lottery winnings, players will have the option to remain anonymous. No top jackpot prize will be claimed by a pool until a majority of team members meet and consult with legal and financial counselors qualified to advise the team members on financial planning and tax laws regarding the lottery winnings. Prize winnings will be collected in a lump sum cash value amount by a legal Group Trust that will be created prior to collection of the funds. The Authorized Trust Manager will make the distribution to TEAM Members according to the Prize Distribution Schedule.

Publicity: The Lottery Alliance reserves the right to publicize any and all winnings of its group play. However, The Lottery Alliance will respect the privacy of those members who wish to remain anonymous. Depending on jurisdictions, the lottery may require winners' names to be disclosed to authorities, so the Lottery Alliance will adhere to lottery statutes and maintain members' privacy whenever possible to do so.


Additional Contributions: Additional contributions are not allowed at this time.



Communication will be through email and online via the TEAM Website found at www.LotteryAlliance.com.


Direct your questions and comments to support@lotteryalliance.com


As Team Managers for The Lottery Alliance pool(s), we promise to maintain integrity with the fiduciary responsibilities pertaining to contributions while securely maintaining the tickets for all team members.

Kevin M Venner, Founder, COO











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